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Elizabeth Lorbeer

Elizabeth Lorbeer

Chair, Department of Medical Library, Western Michigan School of Medicine

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New Directions 2019 | Current Disruptors in Academic Research: Scientific Misconduct, Spam Journals, and Mega Journals


Melanie Dolechek, Sophie Reisz, Elizabeth Lorbeer, Tom Olijhoek, Ann Michael, Dr. Stephen Gonsalves

Over the past decade, peer-reviewed research has experienced a mushrooming crisis in the emergence of predatory journals. The reporting of false data, the manipulation of peer review, and the exploitation of authorship are all forms of gross scientific misconduct that many editors and publishers unfortunately face on a regular basis. Along with the surge of retractions that has touched even the most reputable publications, editors, and gatekeepers, the scientific community has sought meaningful remedies to track, record, blacklist, and carefully monitor the repeat offenders. Along the way, publishers of prominent mega journals have been caught in the crossfire, often viewed as perpetrators encouraging the publication of vast amounts of mediocre research. This lively and meaningful discussion of our expert panelists dissects the situation at hand and presents best practices and approaches to work together to uphold meaningful, influential, and impactful science that drives scientific fields forward.