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Alex Mendonca

Alex Mendonca

Online Submission and Preprints Coordinator, SciELO Brazil
Alex Mendonça has a major in Digital Media with an emphasis in Interface Design by the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. He has been working at SciELO Brazil since 2006 and is part of its Coordination Board since 2014. In 2017, Alex joined the Technical Committee of Public Knowledge Project, the initiative behind Open Journal Systems. Alex has 10 years experience in training SciELO journals with online submission systems, working closely with journal editors and editorial teams by providing support and guidance based on best practices of scholarly publishing oriented by SciELO’s three main lines of action: professionalization, internationalization and sustainability. He is currently co-leading SciELO’s strategy aiming at the transition of its indexed journals towards best practices of Open Science, including overseeing the development and launch of the upcoming SciELO Preprints server, promoting the adoption of open data and making the peer review proccess more transparent and open.

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Release Date: 07/20/20, Alex Mendonca, Ana Heredia

Embora a América Latina tenha sido reconhecida por sua adoção precoce e entusiástica da publicação de acesso aberto, talvez você não saiba que a região também adotou com sucesso a pesquisa aberta de maneira mais ampla. Apoiados por políticas e programas governamentais progressivos que incentivam a colaboração aberta em projetos de pesquisa, a divulgação aberta de resultados e a infraestrutura aberta de informações, países como Brasil e Peru estão liderando o caminho para revolucionar a maneira como a pesquisa é realizada e compartilhada.

Release Date: 07/20/20, Ana Heredia, Alice Meadows, Alex Mendonca

While Latin America has long been recognized for its early and enthusiastic adoption of open access publishing, you might not know that the region has also successfully embraced open research more broadly. Supported by progressive government policies and programs that encourage open collaboration in research projects, open dissemination of results, and open information infrastructure, countries such as Brazil and Peru are leading the way in revolutionizing the way research is carried out and shared.