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Angela Cochran

Vice President of Publishing, American Society of Clinical Oncology
Angela Cochran is the Vice President of Publishing for the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Previously, she was Managing Director and Publisher at the American Society of Civil Engineers in Reston, Virginia. She has served in the roles of Associate Publisher, Journals Director, Production Director, and Journals Production Manager for ASCE. She was a Managing Editor at the American Cancer Society and a Production Editor for Appleton & Lange and at Pearson Education. She is past-president of the Society for Scholarly Publishing and the Council of Science Editors. She is an associate editor and a regular contributor of The Scholarly Kitchen.

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On-Demand Meetings

Climate Change and The Future of Scholarly Publishing


2022 | Jun 02, David Smith, Brooks Hanson, Angela Cochran

COP26 finished in November 2021. And still, we are not able to limit global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees. But progress has been made. What does the Scholarly Publishing industry need to do to decarbonize? As an industry, much of the technical work done on scholarly content happens in places that are already affected by climate events: The monsoons in India, smog and air pollution in the wider subcontinent, typhoons in the Philippines, and hurricanes up the eastern seaboard. Much of London, New York, and other places are at risk of sea level rises as the climate changes. The Pandemic has shown us that we can work differently, that we can change, and fast if needs be. How can we build on this to work together to do our bit to get to no more than 1.5 degrees of warming? This panel will explore a number of these facets of climate change and look to understand where we are as an industry and what we need to do over the next few years. || Speakers: Angela Cochran; David Smith; Brooks Hanson
On-Demand Meetings

The Scholarly Kitchen Live! Challenges for Equity in Scholarly Communication


2022 | Jun 03, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Angela Cochran, David Crotty, Robert Harington, Lettie Conrad

As a community, we are undoubtedly moving into a more "open" future — open access, open data, open peer review, etc. But "open" doesn't automatically mean "equal." A panel of Chefs will conclude this year's meeting with a look at the path we're on — is it fair to all, and can everyone participate? Are APCs the evolutionary endpoint or a step along the way? What does the ongoing market consolidation mean for different stakeholders? Are we increasing the inequities between the Global North and South? Will the increasing intrusion of geopolitics into the research world make this all moot? Bring your questions for a lively discussion. || Speakers: Robert Harington; Lettie Conrad; Angela Cochran; David Crotty; Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe
SSP On-Demand: Webinars

The Scholarly Kitchen: The Nelson Memo… Now What?


2023 | Apr 12, Barbara Rockenbach, Steven Inchcoombe, Roger Schonfeld, Colette Bean, Angela Cochran

The US OSTP’s Nelson Memo, which requires immediate public access to federally funded research papers, sent a shockwave across the scholarly communications landscape. Now that the first policy implementations of the memo are out, what impacts will it have on different stakeholders in our community? A panel of publishers and librarians will reflect on how they plan to support researchers and what these changes mean for the overall health of their organizations.