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SSP On-Demand: Webinars

New Directions in Career Development


2022 | Sep 21, Stacey Burke, Allison Belan, Lily Garcia Walton, Lauren Kane

The pandemic forced our industry to take a new direction almost overnight with the immediate transition to working from home. What was initially an interesting experiment turned into the establishment of possibly permanent virtual corporate cultures around the world. This swift transition in work culture definitely has its benefits; however, it might have left some feeling somewhat confused as to the future development of their careers. Without an office, how is productivity measured, and how does one continue to advance in their professional role? And most importantly, how can we continue to support each other, our colleagues, our direct reports, and our supervisors as we strive to develop and grow as professionals? Speakers will address all of these questions and more as they explore early-, mid-, and advanced-career opportunities in a virtual and hybrid working environment.
SSP On-Demand: Webinars

Nurturing Minds: Fostering Mental Health Awareness and Organizational Support


2024 | February, Shayla Gerity, Emma Jellen, Randy Townsend, Lily Garcia Walton

In an era when the significance of mental health is gaining widespread recognition, cultivating an environment of awareness and support within organizations is imperative. This Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) webinar, titled "Nurturing Minds: Fostering Mental Health Awareness and Organizational Support," delves into the critical intersection of mental health and the workplace, with a particular focus on the scholarly publishing community. The session is part of the SSP initiative introduced in this Scholarly Kitchen post by SSP President Randy Townsend last fall. This the first in a series of free webinars being developed by a subcommittee of the SSP Mental Health Task Force. The session will open by addressing the prevalent stigmas surrounding mental health, shedding light on the importance of understanding and dismantling these barriers within the professional sphere. Participants will gain insights into the multifaceted nature of mental health challenges and their impact on overall well-being and workplace dynamics. An exploration of organizational resources and strategies will follow, emphasizing the role of employers in creating a supportive ecosystem. The webinar will showcase various initiatives, from employee assistance programs to mental health awareness campaigns, designed to cultivate an inclusive, supportive workplace culture that prioritizes mental well-being. Additional information about the SSP Mental Health Awareness initiative can be found on the SSP website.