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Lucy Lu Wang

Assistant Professor, University of Washington Information School
Lucy Lu Wang is Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Information School. She is also Adjunct in Computer Science & Engineering and a Visiting Scientist at the Allen Institute for AI (AI2). Her research uses natural language processing and data science techniques to make sense of scientific and research output. Specifically, she investigates NLP methods for understanding biomedical text, systems to help us make better and more data-driven care decisions, and how text analysis techniques can be used to identify trends in research communication. She was previously a Young Investigator at the Allen Institute for AI in the Semantic Scholar research group. She completed her PhD in the Department of Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education (BIME) at the University of Washington and also holds degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Physics from Johns Hopkins and MIT respectively.

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AI in Publishing


October 6, 2022, Paul Groth, Anita De Waard, Lucy Lu Wang, Helen King

Artificial Intelligence plays an increasingly important role in the publishing lifecycle, from plagiarism checking through supporting peer review, to potentially automatically generated manuscripts. During this exciting event we will hear from three experts in Artificial Intelligence research who will address what AI is, how it can currently support scholarly publishing, and what the future might look like. Concerns regarding privacy and transparency will be discussed as well. Bring your questions and your curiosity to Ask the Experts about publishing and AI!