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Bill Kasdorf

Bill Kasdorf

Principal, Kasdorf & Associates, LLC
Bill Kasdorf is Principal of Kasdorf & Associates, LLC, a consultancy focusing on editorial and production workflows, content modeling, standards and best practices alignment, and accessibility. He is a founding partner of Publishing Technology Partners. He is the W3C Global Publishing Evangelist and serves on the Publishing@W3C Steering Committee, Business Group, Community Group, and EPUB 3 Working Group. He co-chairs NISO’s Video & Audio Metadata and Content Profile / Linked Document Working Groups. Past President of SSP, he received SSP’s Distinguished Service Award. He is a member of BISG, IPTC, and the DAISY Consortium. Bill has written and spoken widely and serves on the editorial board of Learned Publishing. In his consulting practice, he has served publishers such as Pearson, Cengage, Kaplan, Sage, NEJM, ACP, LWW, NAP, Toronto, Taylor & Francis, Cambridge, IEEE, the Cochrane Library, Norton Education, the World Bank, the British Library, OCLC, ORCID, and the EU Publications Office.

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On-Demand Meetings

"Back to the Future" of Digital-First Publishing


June 2, 2022, Randy Townsend, Brian Cody, Bill Kasdorf, Charles O'Connor

Since the early 2000s, scholarly communication stakeholders have been exploring the potential of XML-first production workflows to streamline digital publishing and improve metadata management across the research ecosystem. If we were to travel "back to the future," what would we find in terms of how far we've come in implementing XML-based or similar digital-first production approaches? What past predictions could we still learn from today? And where are we headed? This panel-style session will bring together scholarly publishing stakeholders to address these questions and more. The discussion will focus on: • What the state of digital-first production is, including how it compares to early projections and opportunities and challenges moving forward. • Why digital-first or single-source production is critical to realizing more rapid research dissemination and consistent, rich metadata — both key to solving global challenges. • How to create a culture of innovation to support the development of digitally-driven production workflows.
On-Demand Presentations

Publishing for Everyone


Release Date: 07/27/2020, Simon Holt, Lettie Conrad, Stephanie Rosen, Bill Kasdorf, Heather Staines

This session is about the accessibility of scholarly publishing to people with disabilities, both in terms of published materials and the industry itself. Around 15% of the global population has a disability, according to the UN, so it is important to consider how people with a disability are able to access our content, our platforms, and our workplaces. This session will provide an overview of recent advances in accessible processes and practices, both in terms of product innovation and people inclusion. It also offers an opportunity for discussion about how we can best increase disability inclusion within our own workplaces and products in a realistic way. Attendees will learn about some of the disability inclusion and accessibility initiatives that are currently taking place within the scholarly communications industry and gain practical takeaways to make their own products and workplaces more accessible and disability inclusive. The session offers a range of perspectives including product innovation, process design, content distribution, and publishing house. It will give insights from multiple angles, including service providers and employees with a disability. With an emphasis on collaborative efforts, it will show how different parts of the industry are working to increase accessibility and become more disability-inclusive, offering attendees focal points they can reach out to as they look to increase inclusions within their own organizations, platforms, and products. Diversity and inclusion is not a competitive sport, and it is by working together as an industry that we create cultural change, one step a time.