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Kasia Repeta

Kasia Repeta

Duke University Press
Kasia is a business development professional in researching local, regional, national, and online markets, with a unique understanding of the scholarly publishing ecosystem. Experience in business analytics and scholarly publishing digital systems.

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Release Date: 08/31/2020, Colleen Scollans, Dean Smith, Kasia Repeta

With the ongoing climate change, COVID-19 global health crises, and the spread of racism and xenophobia in the United States and around the world, there has never been a greater need for purposeful actions and well-designed outreach and awareness-building efforts. This webinar outlines approaches for sifting through research content and technology solutions for developing carefully considered content dissemination and community engagement campaigns for global change. The speakers will provide a set of ideas and calls to action to draw attention to what can be done if we all embrace this important time in history and work to solve some of the most pressing global issues. Those attending the live screening will be encouraged to provide feedback and pose questions via live chat. These questions will be recorded and shared for further discussions via a new SSP C3 online community.