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Patrick Shafe

Patrick Shafe

Commercial Director, Deanta
As Deanta Commercial Director, Patrick’s role is centred on understanding how the Academic Publishing market is evolving in a world of continual technological innovation. This research led directly to the Trends in Academic Publishing survey and white paper, which Patrick has written, overseen, and presented to an international audience over the past two years. This research, and the roundtables that Deanta host on the back of them, feed directly into Deanta’s go-to-market strategy and product development. Patrick has a wealth of experience working with global clients across the technology and service sectors.

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The Future of Scholarly Publishing: Three Trends to Be Ready For


2022 | Sep 15, Ann Gabriel, Patrick Shafe, Elizabeth Scarpelli, Shirley Decker-Lucke

What will the future of scholarly publishing look like? In this webinar, industry leaders will tell us what they see as the top three changes that we all need to be ready for. Will it be advances in artificial intelligence products that change how knowledge creators and curators do what they do? Will it be changes in research funding approaches that affect what research is done and how it is shared? Will it be uncertainty about revenue requiring publishers to change their business models? Or will it be something else? Join us for a peek at the future and ideas on how you can get ready.