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Ana Heredia

Ana Heredia

Scholarly Communications Independent Consultant, Independent Consultant

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Como a América Latina vem (silenciosamente) revolucionado a Pesquisa Aberta


Release Date: 07/20/20, Alex Mendonca, Ana Heredia

Embora a América Latina tenha sido reconhecida por sua adoção precoce e entusiástica da publicação de acesso aberto, talvez você não saiba que a região também adotou com sucesso a pesquisa aberta de maneira mais ampla. Apoiados por políticas e programas governamentais progressivos que incentivam a colaboração aberta em projetos de pesquisa, a divulgação aberta de resultados e a infraestrutura aberta de informações, países como Brasil e Peru estão liderando o caminho para revolucionar a maneira como a pesquisa é realizada e compartilhada.
On-Demand Presentations

How Latin American Has Been (Quietly) Revolutionizing Open Research-English


Release Date: 07/20/20, Ana Heredia, Alice Meadows, Alex Mendonca

While Latin America has long been recognized for its early and enthusiastic adoption of open access publishing, you might not know that the region has also successfully embraced open research more broadly. Supported by progressive government policies and programs that encourage open collaboration in research projects, open dissemination of results, and open information infrastructure, countries such as Brazil and Peru are leading the way in revolutionizing the way research is carried out and shared.
On-Demand Meetings

Inspiring Global Collaboration


June 2, 2022, Joy Owango, Bianca Amaro, Ana Heredia, Devika Madalli, Haseeb Md. Irfanullah, Solange Santos, Lautaro Matas

The scholarly publishing ecosystem is more diverse than ever in terms of the business models we adopt, technologies and infrastructure we use, workflows we practice, and the way we show our resilience against shocks, like pandemics. Our discussions, however, often focus on the challenges and opportunities of North America and Europe. As a part of the dynamic publishing world, regions outside this axis have been developing diverse experiences, expertise, and opportunities that can be effectively translated into global collaboration. In this session, experts and professionals working on different parts of these regions–the "unusual suspects"–will showcase their inspiring conception, experiences, and solutions. Through a guided panel discussion and open discussion, the audience and the panel together will explore how to learn from, capitalize on, and harness a diverse pool of regional and international perspectives and expertise. They would also identify some action points that could be taken forward by individual organizations beyond the session floor. This session would be one of the many attempts to inspire the conversation between the North and the South and create space for collaboration making the North and the South meet in the middle.
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The Future of Research as a Global Enterprise


April 13, 2022, Haseeb Md. Irfanullah, Ana Heredia, Roger Schonfeld, Alice Meadows, Jennifer Kemp

In the post-Cold War era, many observers have conceptualized science as a global activity, with substantial international collaboration, more readily facilitated cross-border scholarly communication, and even UN-level efforts to steer science towards Sustainable Development Goals. But regional differences, geopolitical strains, and challenges to developing a global research infrastructure have all posed challenges to global science. In this webinar, hosted by the Scholarly Kitchen, a panel will consider whether science can ever be truly “global.”
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What Do Researchers Really Want from Publishers


Release Date: 07/27/2020, Karin Wulf, Alice Meadows, Phill Jones, Milka Kostic, Ana Heredia, Haseeb Md. Irfanullah

What do researchers think of the current publishing process? How valuable do they find the services that scholarly publishers provide? Which would they keep and which would they change? This panel session features researchers from around the world, who are -- or have been -- also involved in publishing. They will discuss how and why they would like to reimagine scholarly publishing. Expect strong views, unlikely ideas, and lots of inspiration for how to make scholarly publishing the best it can be for the researchers we serve.