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Juliet Harrison

Juliet Harrison

Head of Business, Management and Economics Publishing, Emerald Publishing

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Release Date: 08/03/2020, Paula Fontana, Juliet Harrison, Kate Smith, Simon Holt

The publishing industry is increasingly focused on bringing together different audiences to collaborate on projects and enable smart, wide-reaching content that has the potential to make a difference in the real world, breaking down the barriers of academic research. Among these opportunities, there are many challenges to the evolving world of research communication: change in reader habits, open science, and in particular, inequalities across subject disciplines. Over the past few years, there have been many blogs, reports, committees, task forces, and conference panels on the state of diversity in scholarly publishing. The problem is well-framed. But beyond envisioning diverse organizations, what are we actually doing to increase diversity, both within our businesses, and through the research that we publish, and how can we better work with the academics that we serve to help drive the debate and enact real change?