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Catherine Harding-Wiltshire

Catherine Harding-Wiltshire

Director of Operations, BMJ
Catherine Harding-Wiltshire is currently the Director of Operations for BMJ. She has worked in STM publishing for over 25 years in an operational capacity. Catherine and her team promote an open and honest working relationship with vendors and believes that any relationship must be a partnership in order to achieve a positive outcome. Operations are pivotal to the success of any business from protecting the current business processes, looking at innovation and future proofing. Everyone in her team has a voice and she endorses them using it to resolve issues, remodel methods and formulate advancements in process. Catherine is the chair of Women at BMJ and sits on the D&I panel. She works for the charity SHOUT as a crisis counselor in her spare time. Catherine lives with PTSD and works hard to convert her negative experiences into positive actions to help both herself and others.

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Solving Problems with and for the Problem Solvers


Release Date: 07/27/2020, Lori Samuels, Alice Meadows, Sylvia Izzo Hunter, Parinay Malik, Simon Holt, Bruce Rosenblum, Catherine Harding-Wiltshire

We all strive to make our content and services more accessible and inclusive for our customers. But how well are we progressing toward the equally important goal of welcoming the unique perspectives, contributions, and problem-solving abilities of people with disabilities into our organizations? What does “working with a disability” look like—for employees, colleagues, and employers? This session explores what it’s like to work in our industry while disabled, foregrounding the voices of publishing professionals with visible or hidden disabilities and of specialists in assistive technologies and disability inclusion and empowerment. We know that recruiting and retaining people with disabilities strengthens our organizations and improves our capacity to innovate, problem-solve, and meet our customers’ accessibility needs. What practices and processes foster inclusion efforts? How can you make a difference in your workplace? What does this mean for your organization’s hiring process, retention practices, and approaches to accommodation?