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John Warren

John Warren

Director MPS in Publishing, George Washington University
John W. Warren (he/him), director and associate professor, Master of Professional Studies in Publishing, George Washington University, formerly held the positions of director of the George Mason University Press; marketing and sales director at Georgetown University Press; and director of marketing, publications at the RAND Corporation. He has a master’s in international management from the School of Public Policy and Strategy at the University of California, San Diego. He is a classical guitarist and composer and writes about guitar technique, composition, and improvisation. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, John is a frequent speaker at international conferences and has authored several articles on digital publishing and other topics.

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SSP On-Demand: Webinars

Ethics in Publishing


2022 | Jul 28, Chhavi Chauhan, PhD, Amy L. Kullas, PhD, Chris Graf, John Warren

Journals in all disciplines continue to face ethical issues. Allegations of author misconduct can be time-consuming and frustrating to deal with. This panel will address a number of pressing questions about ethics in publishing: • Are ethical issues increasing in publishing? • What new activities in terms of ethical breaches or concerns should publishers be aware of? • Are there any technical solutions available or on the horizon to detect ethical lapses? • How can scientists be educated about ethical conduct?
On-Demand Meetings

Strategic Management—Of Your Career


2022 | Jun 03, Ashley Warren, Danielle Galian, John Warren, Randy Townsend

Using strategic planning principles for your personal career can create direction, clarity, and focus that ultimately leads to a more successful career. This Interactive Session/Workshop focuses on strategies that university press professionals, in a wide range of career levels and job functions, can take to plan, manage, and advance their careers. We will explore principles of strategic planning, goal setting, prioritization, and more toward personal career development. We'll also discuss the SSP Skills Map and key skills that will be needed in 2030 and beyond; how these skills might differ for editorial, marketing, production, and management; the value of professional certification and advanced degrees for publishing professionals; and awareness of the need for publishing to be accessible and to include people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The strategies, tools, and action steps we'll explore in this interactive session will aid you in mentoring others, benefit your team and your organization, and help you to advance through the profession and achieve your goals. || Speakers: Randy Townsend; John W. Warren; Danielle Galian; Ashley Warren