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New Directions 2019 | Advancements and New Directions in Scholarly Indexing


Scott Dineen, Mariana Boletta, Sophie Reisz, Adrian Stanley, Carl Leak, Jesse Frantz

We are all familiar with the most influential indexing services in academic publishing, including Web of Science and the Impact Factor as well as PubMed/MEDLINE, which indexes reputable research in life sciences and biomedical fields, but what about newly advancing indexing services that are driving fields forward? This session covers not only the ever-advancing influence of the Impact Factor, but also delves into how other metrics and resources (Google Scholar, Scopus, h-Indexes, and more) are advancing the legitimacy of the scientific record across the globe.
On-Demand Meetings

Partners in a Shared Open Access Vision


June 2, 2022, Tiffany Moxham, Adrian Stanley, Curtis Brundy, Romy Beard, Katrin Seyler

In the ever-evolving Open Access landscape, staying on top of the latest technologies, funding opportunities, library deals, and innovative offerings of smaller publishers and platforms can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Between tracking manuscript eligibility, archiving accepted manuscripts, navigating the headache of 'who pays APCs?', and all the different deal types and record keeping, there is simply too much for stakeholders to manage in fully embracing open science. The speakers will touch on the success of workflow solutions such OA Switchboard and newer innovation ideas like Plan P, to highlight how these technologies and innovations can bring important efficiencies for librarians, authors, and publishers through transparent and centralized workflows in eligibility, approval, payment, and reporting of APCs. Panelists will discuss how communication and collaboration between publishers, institutions, solutions partners, and funding organizations is key to creating a diverse and equitable open science ecosystem. Our experts will share experiences around what makes a successful partnership and how to best work with all stakeholders in quickly delivering effective technologies. Attendees will engage with the panel through high level presentations, discussion and at designated Q&A intervals. We would love for viewers to discuss challenges they may face in adopting the innovations on show or other novel solutions - our panelists are keen to provide insight in addressing these barriers. We hope to demonstrate that meaningful progress towards open access hegemony is possible for smaller players, and to inspire viewers to connect with the unusual suspects in their networks - the results can be surprising!
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Trends in Publishing Chinese Research


April 21, 2022, Nicko Goncharoff, Tao Tao, Adrian Stanley, Donna Minton, Ph.D.

Panelists consider a number of questions about this evolving landscape: • What do international publishers need to know about research trends in China? • Is it still important for Chinese researchers to publish in international journals? • How are researchers evaluated in China, and how can international publishers assist them? • How will the latest developments affect submission trends?