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Donna Minton

Donna Minton, Ph.D.

Director of Publications, Chinese Chemical Society
Dr. Donna Minton is the Director of Publications for the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS). She has played an instrumental role in the establishment of a new, independent publications program for CCS, including the launch of CCS’s flagship journal, CCS Chemistry. Dr. Minton has worked in scientific publishing since 2007 and has held positions at the American Chemical Society, Human Kinetics, and Science China Press. While she has developed an expertise in publishing, Dr. Minton has maintained deep connections within the chemical science community and strives to address challenges faced by researchers in order to best serve the community through her role in publishing. Dr. Minton has spent extended periods of time in China, and she enjoys working with her colleagues there while continuing to learn about Chinese culture and research.

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On-Demand Presentations

The Changing Academic Publishing Landscape in China


Release Date: 08/24/2020, Zong-Ming Cheng, Tao Tao, Donna Minton, Ph.D., Lori Carlin

For nearly two decades, international publishers have seen tremendous output from China provide mainly positive impact on their publishing programs. They’ve experienced growth from subscriptions to submissions to accepted papers, with little end in sight…or is there? China may now believe it is time to “build its own ship and sail independently,"" developing their own international academic publishing market. Recent activities and reports certainly indicate that China is looking to expand their scholarly publishing efforts, trying new approaches and providing funding to support experimentation. Now, an unprecedented large-scale national plan (including the “Action Plan for the Excellence of Chinese STM Journals”) includes specific directives to encourage internal, domestic collaboration and expansion. What if these efforts lead China to turn their publishing output inward? In this session, experts with local experience in China will provide first-hand insights into the most recent Chinese directives and developments that have the potential to disrupt the academic publishing industry in China. We will hear directly from those experimenting with new and novel approaches to publishing research in China, along with what Chinese researchers are saying today about publishing, open access, how they make submission decisions, and what publishers need to know about the new and emerging opportunities and challenges in China.
SSP On-Demand: Webinars

Trends in Publishing Chinese Research


April 21, 2022, Nicko Goncharoff, Tao Tao, Adrian Stanley, Donna Minton, Ph.D.

Panelists consider a number of questions about this evolving landscape: • What do international publishers need to know about research trends in China? • Is it still important for Chinese researchers to publish in international journals? • How are researchers evaluated in China, and how can international publishers assist them? • How will the latest developments affect submission trends?