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Milka Kostic

Milka Kostic

Program Director, Chemical Biology, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Dr. Kostic is the Program Director for Chemical Biology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where she spends her time bringing strategy, cohesion, and mentoring to support more than 100 researchers. One aspect of her work that she relishes is providing advice on how to navigate scholarly publishing. Prior to Dana-Farber, Dr. Kostic served as the Editor of Structure and Cell Chemical Biology, two journals published by Cell Press, Elsevier for more than a decade. While the editor, she experimented with article formats, peer review, use of social media and blogging, building communities, and journal re-launch. Dr. Kostic is passionate about career development for early career researchers, experimenting with new ways to talk about and evaluate scientific achievements, and making science more inclusive. COI: Dr. Kostic is a paid consultant at Life Science Editors.

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What Do Researchers Really Want from Publishers


Release Date: 07/27/2020, Karin Wulf, Alice Meadows, Phill Jones, Milka Kostic, Ana Heredia, Haseeb Md. Irfanullah

What do researchers think of the current publishing process? How valuable do they find the services that scholarly publishers provide? Which would they keep and which would they change? This panel session features researchers from around the world, who are -- or have been -- also involved in publishing. They will discuss how and why they would like to reimagine scholarly publishing. Expect strong views, unlikely ideas, and lots of inspiration for how to make scholarly publishing the best it can be for the researchers we serve.