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Mathew Wilmott

Mathew Wilmott

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From Here to Data Maturity


Release Date: 08/17/2020, Mathew Wilmott, Ann Michael, Amy Pawlowski, Kristen Monahan

Not every organization was born with the knowledge of how to leverage data to create business and customer value. In fact, most organizations were not. They are only now starting, or at minimum, refining the way they set strategic and operational direction, interpret their markets, understand their customers, operate efficiently, and define new products based on the effective inclusion of data in their decision-making processes. But how does one get from the episodic use of limited data for their annual strategic plan to an environment where trustworthy, accessible, maintainable, and democratized data is integrated into their work and their culture? In this session, we will discuss how organizations can increase their data maturity level moving from Data Literacy to Data Leadership to Data Longevity. This will be a pragmatic discussion of what works and what does not work, with examples, and how success can be built upon a few key principles and practices.