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Scott Solder

Scott Solder

Founder, The Active Bystander Training Company
As one of the founders of The Active Bystander Training Company (, Scott appears at conferences and events demonstrating psychological and assertiveness techniques which are highly effective in challenging unacceptable behaviours. Scott is a former Editor at BBC News and Current Affairs and a specialist in language, influence and persuasion. His book, You Need This Book to Get What You Want (published by Simon & Schuster), is a globally published and widely translated guide to improving your powers of persuasion. The Active Bystander Training Company operates in eleven countries in three languages. Its clients include listed companies, government and leading universities.

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Release Date: 09/07/2020, Randy Townsend, Daena Giardella, Erika Valenti, Scott Solder, Sabby Kaur, Donna Blancero

Bystander intervention, what it means, how it works, and who it is for are all important questions within our scholarly publishing communities. This panel session will aim to inform and educate attendees on the purpose behind bystander intervention strategies and how they can help to cultivate safe and supportive workplace cultures. Sponsored by the SSP's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, it will present a variety of voices on this topic to encourage honest and open discussion.