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Anita De Waard

Anita De Waard

VP Research Collaborations, Elsevier
Anita de Waard (she/her) is VP of Research Collaborations at Elsevier. Her work focuses on working with academic and industry partners on projects pertaining to progressing modes and frameworks for scholarly communication. Since 1997, she has worked on bridging the gap between science publishing and computational and information technologies: efforts include working on a semantic model for research papers, co-founding "FORCE11: The Future of Research Communications and E-Science" (, and supporting the development of standards and models for research data management and a series of workshops on Scholarly Document Processing,, Anita has a degree in low-temperature physics from Leiden University and worked in Moscow before joining Elsevier as a physics publisher in 1988; she hails from the Netherlands and lives in a forest in Vermont.

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SSP On-Demand: Webinars

AI in Publishing


2022 | Oct 06, Paul Groth, Anita De Waard, Lucy Lu Wang, Helen King

Artificial Intelligence plays an increasingly important role in the publishing lifecycle, from plagiarism checking through supporting peer review to potentially automatically generated manuscripts. During this exciting event, we will hear from three experts in Artificial Intelligence research who will address what AI is, how it can currently support scholarly publishing, and what the future might look like. Concerns regarding privacy and transparency will be discussed as well. Bring your questions and your curiosity to Ask the Experts about publishing and AI!
SSP On-Demand: Webinars

Ask the Experts about Open Data


2023 | September 20, Anita De Waard, Andrea Medina-Smith, Iratxe Puebla, Max Petzold

"Open Data is an important topic for scholarly publishing. From the Nelson memo to the requirements for providing open data to thinking about Data Accessibility Statements, there has been a lot of movement in this pivotal aspect of publishing over the past few years. During this event we will hear from three experts who are each leading a number of recent developments in open data: work on ‘Make Data Count’, an initiative that aims to develop metrics to enable evaluation and reward of open data reuse and impact, recent work on the NIST Research Data Framework, and work by a National Data Service of Sweden with publishers and researchers to make sure that Swedish research data is shared as openly as possible. Questions addressed will include: - What is the importance of open data? - What would an ideal ‘open data’ future look like? - What roles can publishers play in this future? - What are the most steps to take right now?