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Juan Castro

Co-Founder and CEO, Writefull
Dr. Juan Castro is co-founder and CEO of Writefull, a startup that applies Artificial Intelligence to academic writing. Juan finished his PhD in AI at the University of Nottingham, UK, and completed a few Postdocs in AI after this. His main interests lie in Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning, and how we can use AI to support everyday language tasks. At Writefull, Juan is involved in projects to help publishers, copy editors, and authors to speed up their writing and language checks, all using the latest AI techniques.

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AI in Scholarly Publishing—Risk Versus Potential


2023 | Mar 15, Jason Pointe, Juan Castro, Marie Soulière, Sonja Krane

Practical applications for AI in publishing have existed for a number of years now in areas such as statistical review and copyediting, but the recent and prominent emergence of AI authorship presents areas for both vast potential and great concern. Where are the boundaries for AI use in scholarly publishing, and who should be setting them?