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Pam Harley

Pam Harley

Partner, Clarke & Esposito
Pam Harley is a partner at Clarke & Esposito, a management consulting firm that focuses on the strategic issues affecting organizations focused on the creation, dissemination, and curation of professional and scholarly information. She combines an execution-focused drive with a strategic perspective gained from 20+ years in STM publishing. Pam knows her way around RFP projects, having participated as consultant, vendor, and customer in her professional roles at C&E, Silverchair, and American Psychiatric Association Publishing. She is a graduate of Duke University with degrees in Biology and Psychology.

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The Publisher RFP Process


Release Date: 08/10/2020, Pam Harley, J. Michael Pearson, Angela Gibson, Eileen Kiley

When considering a move to a new publishing services partnership, what are the critical things to think about before you start? While the RFP process is underway? After the contract is signed and your new partnership is kicking off? Society representatives who have completed a recent RFP process will share their best practices and lessons learned at different stages of the process, including: strategic and tactical activities that take place before the publisher RFP process begins, and how those activities inform the RFP process (and potentially improve subsequent offers); structural and project management approaches that can be used during the RFP process to enable clear, effective, and targeted communication of requirements and priorities—and that ensure decision-making based on targeted priorities—from RFP dissemination to candidate publisher presentations to contract negotiation; and key performance indicators, best practices, and expectations-setting to guide the society–publisher relationship after the contract has been signed.