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Ask The Experts

Ask The Experts

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2021 Ask the Experts | Trust in Science


In recent years, many groups— from climate-change deniers to anti-vaxxers— have publicly challenged research widely accepted in the scientific community. And although science has always had its critics, trust has reached new lows in an era of misinformation fueled by social media and politicians who doubt the advice of experts. The phenomenon has real-world consequences: in just one current—and pressing—example, doubts surrounding medical research on the Covid-19 virus and the safety of the new vaccines threaten public health efforts to fight the pandemic. How can scientists promote greater public trust in their research? And how can publishers of this research support these efforts? In this Ask the Experts event, attendees will hear from panelists on the latest in efforts to restore trust in science. || Moderator: Anita de Waard | Speakers: Tracey Brown, Richard Sever, Eefke Smit
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Ask a Collections Librarian


Jan 26, 2022, Sean Kennedy, Jessica Morales, Amy Pawlowski

Librarians answer your questions about collections development. How do librarians decide what materials—books, journals, databases, or other resources—to include in their collections? How do they work within their larger institutions, both in terms of meeting institutional goals and serving users? And how has the covid-19 pandemic changed or influenced their priorities and practices? Viewers will gain a more thorough understanding of the critical role of collections development librarians in the broader scholarly publishing ecosystem.
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Ethics in Publishing


Journals in all disciplines continue to face ethical issues. Allegations of author misconduct can be time consuming and frustrating to deal with. This panel will address a number of pressing questions about ethics in publishing, including: • Are ethical issues increasing in publishing? • What new activities in terms of ethical breaches or concerns should publishers be aware of? • Are there any technical solutions available or on the horizon to detect ethical lapses? • How can scientists be educated about ethical conduct?
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Trends in Publishing Chinese Research


Apr 21, 2022, Nicko Goncharoff, Tao Tao, Adrian Stanley, Donna Minton, Ph.D.

Panelists consider a number of questions about this evolving landscape: • What do international publishers need to know about research trends in China? • Is it still important for Chinese researchers to publish in international journals? • How are researchers evaluated in China, and how can international publishers assist them? • How will the latest developments affect submission trends?