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SSP On-Demand: Webinars

Ask a Publishing Executive


2024 | March, Charles Watkinson, Jason Hu, Miriam Maus, Mia Ricci, Sara Rouhi, David Turner

Ask a Publishing Executive: Executives from commercial and not-for profit publishers will discuss what they consider the greatest risks and opportunities facing the industry and share their thoughts on current state of scholarly publishing.
SSP On-Demand: Webinars

Climate Change and Publishing—How Publishers Can Make an Impact


2023 | October 11, Graham Brumfield, Clark Holdsworth, Kris Karnauskas, Alyssa Findlay, Mia Ricci

In anticipation of COP 2023, this panel will share pertinent information that scholarly publishers need to know about climate change from two key points of view: What challenges will climate change pose for the industry, and what can scholarly publishers, as science disseminators, do to help advance climate change research? Publishers have the credibility and resources to play a key role in expediting the trajectory of climate change research globally by placing this important work front and center for decision makers at both the international and regional levels. They also have the opportunity to lead by example via their own solutions to the problems that climate change may pose directly to the industry. Our speakers will address the varied avenues by which scholarly publishers can engage with their audiences on climate change research.