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Alison Mudditt

Alison Mudditt

Since June 2017 Alison has been CEO of PLOS, an organization dedicated to building an Open Science future that is equitable, collaborative, and global. Prior to PLOS, Alison served as Director of the University of California Press and as Executive Vice President at SAGE Publications. Alison is Chair of the Board of Directors for the Center for Open Science and also serves on the boards of the Authors’ Alliance and the American Chemical Society’s Governing Board for Publishing. A regular speaker at industry meetings, Alison also writes for the Scholarly Kitchen blog. Her more than 30 years in the publishing industry also include leadership positions at Taylor & Francis and Blackwell Publishers.

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Innovations in Open Research


November 16, 2022, Alison Mudditt, Alice Meadows, Charles Watkinson

In this timely webinar, speakers explore the latest developments in the transition to open research, touching on innovations from their respective organizations. Topics will include new developments in the scholarly infrastructure supporting open research, new business models in support of OA monographs, and how open research is shifting our focus from the scholarly article to preprints, data, and other research outputs. The speakers will also discuss what’s working, what isn’t, and the barriers to a fully open research ecosystem across disciplines.