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Chhavi Chauhan

Chhavi Chauhan, PhD

Director of Scientific Outreach at the American Society for Investigative Pathology and Director of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program at the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics
Dr. Chhavi Chauhan is Director of Scientific Outreach at the American Society for Investigative Pathology and Director of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program at the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. She is a leader of the Women in AI Ethics Collective, program manager for the Women in AI Accelerate and Raise programs, and an expert at the AI Policy Exchange. She is a biomedical researcher, expert scholarly communicator, and a sought-after mentor in the fields of scientific research, scholarly publishing (serving on several SSP cohorts), and AI ethics, especially for women and minorities. She is a thought leader, a renowned international speaker, and a strong advocate for equitable and accessible healthcare; she is also a co-chair of the SSP’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. She sits at the intersection of scientific research, scholarly communications, science policy, medical education, and responsible tech in healthcare. Her vision is to provide equitable personalized healthcare to all, beyond geographies, and despite socioeconomic disparities. She was named in the AI Makers 150 AI & Analytics Leaders & Influencers 2021 List and the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2022 list.

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Ethics in Publishing


July 28, 2022, Chhavi Chauhan, PhD, Amy L. Kullas, PhD, Chris Graf, John Warren

Journals in all disciplines continue to face ethical issues. Allegations of author misconduct can be time consuming and frustrating to deal with. This panel will address a number of pressing questions about ethics in publishing: • Are ethical issues increasing in publishing? • What new activities in terms of ethical breaches or concerns should publishers be aware of? • Are there any technical solutions available or on the horizon to detect ethical lapses? • How can scientists be educated about ethical conduct?
SSP On-Demand: Webinars

Reaching a Universal Speed Together / A Whole New World: Scholarship Under Fire


October 6, 2021, Toby Green, Rachel Martin, Chhavi Chauhan, PhD, Sophie Reisz

2020 was an eye-opening, unrelenting experiment in exploring new directions in our personal and professional lives. Even now, as we move further into 2021 and beyond, we are considering what these changes and experiences might mean as we continue to collectively power forward. As we adjust to this “whole new world,” our industry bears a new level of responsibility as scholarship, scientific research, and advances in new scientific technologies (especially with respect to vaccinations) fall under a high-resolution microscope. Some might even say that scientific research and scholarship are “under fire” as citizen scientists and global citizens alike emerge to voice their advocacy, opinions, and concerns about public health, public security, climate change, and our collective responsibilities to each other as individuals of a greater global network. This session is the start of the conversation. It will focus specifically on the emerging responsibilities we now have as academic publishers, researchers, librarians, and citizens to uphold the rigor and impact of the advancements that have the greatest potential for positive influence around the world.