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2021 Annual Meeting Session | Developing a Comprehensive Audience Strategy

As societies seek to fulfill their missions, serve their members, and expand their reach, they are exploring new technologies and a kaleidoscope of new content types to drive audience growth while maintaining engagement with existing members. Publishers, too, are seeking to grow their audiences beyond their traditional bounds and to experiment with new types of first-class research objects. In our increasingly virtual world, fragmented attention makes it both harder and more important than ever to establish trust and brand loyalty with your audience. The challenge then becomes bringing all of your organization's disparate activities, goals, and technologies into a single, comprehensive audience strategy. Join industry experts for a look at the differences in traditional and transformational strategies, how to get the most from all your content (whether it's research, blogs, or news), and how to leverage technology to grow and develop your audience. || Speakers: Stephen Lieber, Stephanie Lovegrove Hansen, Michelle Mason, Colleen Scollans, Jake Zarnegar
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Marketing & Sales, Metrics, Data, & Metadata, Tools & Technology

43rd Annual Meeting (2021)

Without dwelling on the tumultuous events of the past year, our 43rd Annual Meeting aimed to recognize their impact, igniting—and sometimes forcing—innovation to meet changing demands. We explored the many new paths that materialize if we are willing to embrace the unexpected. What new insights and strategies have been discovered and implemented? What are the possibilities that have yet to be realized? As we move from reacting to adapting, how will our responses change the future of scholarly communications? And how should our responsibility to the larger academic ecosystem during this extraordinary time shape those responses? If you missed the SSP Annual Meeting, you can purchase individual keynote, plenary, and educational sessions on demand in the SSP OnDemand Video Content Library. You can also purchase an All Access Pass to the content on the Pathable platform through November 1.