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Is privacy dead? Dying? On life support? Is it possible for higher education and research to be an oasis of privacy while the commercial sector at large takes a scorched earth approach to the notion of user control and privacy? Librarians and publishers have long understood that privacy and confidentiality in information use is critical to intellectual freedom and the free pursuit of knowledge. Can we maintain these commitments in light of the massive data capture and surveillance that characterizes our experience of using the web, mobile devices, etc.? How can we achieve the benefits of personalization in order to improve and customize user experience, support student success, assist faculty research, etc.? How can publishers and libraries work together to ensure user control over personal data while also developing useful services? Might privacy even be a competitive advantage? Join us to explore the tensions around privacy in our field and possible strategies for moving forward.

Release Date: 07/20/2020

Ethics & Standards | Keywords: privacy, research, higher ed, data security, personalization, users, librarians