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Reaching a Universal Speed Together / A Whole New World: Scholarship Under Fire

2020 was an eye-opening, unrelenting experiment in exploring new directions in our personal and professional lives. Even now, as we move further into 2021 and beyond, we are considering what these changes and experiences might mean as we continue to collectively power forward. As we adjust to this “whole new world,” our industry bears a new level of responsibility as scholarship, scientific research, and advances in new scientific technologies (especially with respect to vaccinations) fall under a high-resolution microscope. Some might even say that scientific research and scholarship are “under fire” as citizen scientists and global citizens alike emerge to voice their advocacy, opinions, and concerns about public health, public security, climate change, and our collective responsibilities to each other as individuals of a greater global network. This session is the start of the conversation. It will focus specifically on the emerging responsibilities we now have as academic publishers, researchers, librarians, and citizens to uphold the rigor and impact of the advancements that have the greatest potential for positive influence around the world.
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2021 | Oct 06

New Directions 2021 | How to Move Fast and Not Break Things

SSP’s 2021 New Directions Seminar is a deep dive into the breakneck speed in which our industry is currently transitioning, transforming, and evolving, while also recognizing and highlighting the limits (and uncomfortable consequences) of moving too quickly. Topics covered in the seminar include new pressures on scholarship and science communication in a post-Covid world; new Open Access and funding models; the drive toward diversity and inclusion in workplaces and publications; the surge in preprints and the demand for accelerated publishing workflows; emerging metrics of impact; and the latest—and truly exciting—developments in tools, techniques, and technology that drive our industry forward. Speakers will examine these issues through the lens of the “need for speed” and how to find the right cadence or risk slamming on the breaks. Join us as we explore how we can respond quickly to changing conditions within the scholarly publishing industry and community, and work towards reaching a universal speed—hopefully, without breaking things.

Rachel Martin


Elsevier B.V.

Sophie Reisz


Editorial Director, Mary Ann Liebert Inc Publishers

Toby Green


Co-Founder, Coherent Digital

Toby Green, cofounder of Coherent Digital, has 35+ years experience in scholarly, policy, and professional publishing. Previously, he held a variety of senior roles with OECD Communications/Publishing and Elsevier Science and Pergamon Press. He was a pioneer of freemium open-access publishing and has a long track record of innovation in digital publishing. He is a regular speaker at publishing and librarian events in Europe and North America including: Charleston, NISO, ALPSP, OASPA, SSP, and Fiesole. Currently, he serves as expert advisor to the Open Research Community. Previously, he was a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing Board and Chair and Council Member ALPSP. To see a list of his publications: