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Susan Doerr

Susan Doerr

University of Minnesota Press
Susan Doerr is Associate Director of the University of Minnesota Press. With grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Minnesota developed Manifold, a web-based platform for publishing scholarly projects, in collaboration with the CUNY Graduate Center and Cast Iron Coding. Susan has experience in literary, corporate, and scholarly publishing and distribution, and has served on the AUPresses board of directors and is a past President of the Minnesota Book Publishers Roundtable, Minnesota’s book publishing association.

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10/06/2021, Raym Crow, Susan Doerr, John Sherer, Martin Paul Eve, Ph.D., Kamran Naim, Heather Staines, Sara Rouhi

Though not a "new direction" in our industry, open access is moving in many directions, and very quickly—from new APC models, new types of deals, discussion about equitable access, Plan S compliance, funding resources, cost and revenue modeling, and more. This 90-minute session will include a topical roundtable, paired speaker dialogues, and audience questions to explore all the latest developments and future trends in this critical area of scholarly communications.
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Digital Monograph Publication


Release Date: 08/17/20, Allison Levy, Crystal Brusch, Darcy Cullen, Susan Doerr, Sarah McKee, Beth Fuget

This session brings together authors, digital scholarship professionals, and academic press professionals to share their stories of collaboration in publishing digital monographs of all stripes—from enhanced open access editions of conventional print books to born-digital interactive scholarly works. How did these works come into being? Why were the authors committed to digital publication? What support did their home institutions provide? When and how did publishers enter the picture? What challenges emerged during the editorial and production processes, and how were they resolved? How can we encourage a shared vocabulary for these digital publications among the wider scholarly communications community? The session focuses less on demonstrating the works themselves and more on the ways in which various stakeholders collaborated to fully realize the project or author’s vision.