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2021 New Directions Seminar | New Directions in Open Access

Though not a "new direction" in our industry, open access is moving in many directions, and very quickly—from new APC models, new types of deals, discussion about equitable access, Plan S compliance, funding resources, cost and revenue modeling, and more. This 90-minute session will include a topical roundtable, paired speaker dialogues, and audience questions to explore all the latest developments and future trends in this critical area of scholarly communications.
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SSP’s 2021 New Directions Seminar is a deep dive into the breakneck speed in which our industry is currently transitioning, transforming, and evolving, while also recognizing and highlighting the limits (and uncomfortable consequences) of moving too quickly. Topics covered in the seminar include new pressures on scholarship and science communication in a post-Covid world; new Open Access and funding models; the drive toward diversity and inclusion in workplaces and publications; the surge in preprints and the demand for accelerated publishing workflows; emerging metrics of impact; and the latest—and truly exciting—developments in tools, techniques, and technology that drive our industry forward. Speakers will examine these issues through the lens of the “need for speed” and how to find the right cadence or risk slamming on the breaks. Join us as we explore how we can respond quickly to changing conditions within the scholarly publishing industry and community, and work towards reaching a universal speed—hopefully, without breaking things.

Heather Staines


Delta Think Inc

John Sherer


University of North Carolina Press

Kamran Naim



Birkbeck College, University of London

Raym Crow


Chain Bridge Group, Informed Strategies, SPARC

Sara Rouhi


Public Library of Science

Susan Doerr


University of Minnesota Press

Susan Doerr is Associate Director of the University of Minnesota Press. With grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Minnesota developed Manifold, a web-based platform for publishing scholarly projects, in collaboration with the CUNY Graduate Center and Cast Iron Coding. Susan has experience in literary, corporate, and scholarly publishing and distribution, and has served on the AUPresses board of directors and is a past President of the Minnesota Book Publishers Roundtable, Minnesota’s book publishing association.