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A Quick Tour of Tech for Early-Career Professionals in Scholarly Communications

Technology is a core part of scholarly publishing, not only serving as the foundation for content delivery but also rapidly reshaping what’s possible in our field. For early career professionals, this webinar will provide a high-level overview of existing core technologies that are firmly embedded within publisher workflows, as well as new technologies currently being trialed and emerging technologies that have great potential for our workflows. Early career professionals are encouraged to attend to find out what they need to know to advance in an increasingly technology-supported environment. || Moderator: Jeff Froustet | Speakers: Melissa Harrison, Andrew Robinson, Allison C. Belan, Chhavi Chauhan
Publication Date
2021 | Sep 14


The SSP webinar program delivers a series of highly informative, thought-provoking webinars designed to challenge and stimulate discussion. Covering timely topics and offered regularly throughout the year, our one-hour webinars are available for viewing 180 days after the live broadcast.