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The SSP webinar program delivers a series of highly informative, thought-provoking webinars designed to challenge and stimulate discussion. Covering timely topics and offered regularly throughout the year, our one-hour webinars are available for viewing 180 days after the live broadcast.

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A Beginner's Guide to Flipping to OA


2022 | Feb 24, Susan King, Lydia Tacx, Andrew Smeall, Matt Giampoala

How do you know if you should flip your journal to OA, and then how do you make it happen? Our panel will discuss the key metrics that support the decision to flip, as well as the process required to make the transition a success.
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A Quick Tour of Tech for Early-Career Professionals in Scholarly Communications


2021 | Sep 14

Technology is a core part of scholarly publishing, not only serving as the foundation for content delivery but also rapidly reshaping what’s possible in our field. For early career professionals, this webinar will provide a high-level overview of existing core technologies that are firmly embedded within publisher workflows, as well as new technologies currently being trialed and emerging technologies that have great potential for our workflows. Early career professionals are encouraged to attend to find out what they need to know to advance in an increasingly technology-supported environment. || Moderator: Jeff Froustet | Speakers: Melissa Harrison, Andrew Robinson, Allison C. Belan, Chhavi Chauhan
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AI in Scholarly Publishing—Risk Versus Potential


2023 | Mar 15, Jason Pointe, Juan Castro, Marie Soulière, Sonja Krane

Practical applications for AI in publishing have existed for a number of years now in areas such as statistical review and copyediting, but the recent and prominent emergence of AI authorship presents areas for both vast potential and great concern. Where are the boundaries for AI use in scholarly publishing, and who should be setting them?
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Accessibility in Publishing


2021 | Sep 23

This webinar will take a practical approach to making scholarly content accessible. It will explore VPATs, WCAG, and their value beyond compliance, how to encourage good accessibility practices in authors, and how to take a top-down approach to accessible publishing. Speakers will also present publisher case studies that have demonstrated best practices in accessibility. || Moderator: Jason Pointe | Speakers: Nina Amato, Violaine Iglesias, Alan Maloney
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Alternative Communication Formats—Bridging the Last Mile


2023 | Feb 23, Chirag Jay Patel, Debra Rowe, Kara Mitzel, Blythe Thomas, Alexa Colella

The original promise of an Open Access model of publishing was to make research outcomes available to the public who paid for the research to have taken place through publicly funded research grants. As a result, the movement toward OA publishing has taken on a life of its own as a commercial publishing strategy, driven by many factors. Yet, how are we actually doing in fulfilling one of the fundamental promises of OA—actually getting research findings into the hands of the public, policymakers, and practitioners in a usable format that actually affects change, rather than just making research findings more accessible to researchers? The two goals are quite different! This webinar will discuss motivations and models and present case studies about how to deliver on the promise to make research outcomes truly accessible and actionable. Addressing this “Last Mile” of research communication is critical to informing and empowering those who make policies and laws, which influence responsible corporate and personal behavior, and who help shape public perception.
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Current Trends in Peer Review


2022 | Mar 16, Tim Vines, Dana Compton, Paige Wooden, Clark Holdsworth

Equity and transparency in the review process and compensation vs. non-compensation for reviewers are just some of the hot topics under debate in current discussions about peer review. This webinar will highlight and summarize the most significant trends and provide examples of transformative models that work.
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Does Anyone Read Books Anymore?


2021 | Mar 16

Universities are negotiating deals with publishers so their students don't have to buy their own books. Libraries with shrinking budgets are deprioritizing books in their purchasing. Researchers in some disciplines are focusing on journal publications instead of books as they work to advance their careers. Despite these trends, many people strongly believe books continue to be an important part of the scholarly publishing world. In this webinar, we will speak with a professor, a librarian, a university press, and a larger book publisher about what they see as the major changes in the past five years and what they think the next five years will hold. ||
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Getting to the Next Level: An Exploration of Career Development for Early-Career Professionals in Scholarly Communications


2022 | Aug 09, Kristine Krebs, Ashley Warren, Tiffany Clark, Sarah Levine, Josephine Sciortino

In scholarly publishing, everyone has a unique story about how they’ve ended up in their role. This webinar will focus on how early career professionals might approach their career decisions and “get to the next level,” be that pivoting to a different area of publishing, moving laterally, or transitioning to a position with more responsibility. Panelists will share their experiences and the resources and tools they found helpful in their career journeys.
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Identity Crisis: Building and Maintaining a Journal Brand Strategy


2022 | Jun 21, Ginetta E.B. Candelario, BethAnne Dorn, Madison Crystal, Audrey Clark

Scholarly journals represent more than just the articles collected therein. Sometimes they are more widely known and recognized than the organizations supporting them! There may also be contrasts between the branding of a journal and its perceived or actual utility to its discipline. This discussion will include input from various stakeholders—editors, authors, and researchers—to identify best practices for reconciling and realizing branding goals.
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Innovate or Fail—The Value of Collaboration for Innovation


2023 | September 13, Shirley Decker-Lucke, Rich Remington, Monica Granados, Ashley Postlethwaite

Innovation isn’t hard, but it certainly isn’t easy. Most successful innovators would say that the ability to collaborate can make all the difference between successful innovation and failure to effect any change. For this exciting webinar we bring together top thinkers and doers—people who have built and fostered creativity and collaboration into innovative advancements. How do you solve hard problems? How do you move from an idea to a result? How do you build and support a culture of innovation from the bottom up and from the top down? Join us to hear how our panelists have answered these questions. Whether you are someone who actively innovates as part of your job or you are someone who wants to move your organization towards being more innovative, this webinar will offer valuable ideas, inspiration, and practical applicable examples.
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Small, But Mighty: The Role of Societies and Smaller Presses in the Scholarly Publishing Environment


2021 | Feb 18

Scholarly publishing, like all other media, is dominated by a group of major players (many of which became major by purchasing smaller companies). This webinar will explore how smaller presses and self-publishing professional societies compete for authors and audiences in this environment: • What advantages do they have? What are their major struggles? • How have technological changes and the shift to new publishing models, including open access models and transformative agreements, affected their business? • How do they evaluate when they should partner with other companies and when they should go it alone? • Has social media helped smaller publishers to level the playing field? These and other questions will be addressed by a panel of representatives from medical, technical, and humanities publishers. || Moderator: Shirley Decker-Lucke | Speakers: Kevin R. Garewal, Eren Gümrükçüoglu, Stephanie Williams, Elizabeth Munn
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The Article of the Future Revisited


2021 | Jun 22

With the 2010 introduction of their “Article Future” format, Cell Press created a new container for research that included supporting data, centered user needs, and reflected the need for more snackable and sharable content. These elements of the Article of the Future have since become widely adopted and are now seen as the norm, so what's next? This webinar will feature speakers who are leveraging user behavior to explore new and more valuable ways to communicate research and the research process. Representing publishers and aggregators across business models and disciplines, they will examine current projects that are expanding our concept of the journal article and discuss what the next ten years may bring. || Moderator: Hannah Heckner | Speakers: Shawnna Buttery, Patti O. Davis, Heather Norton Blackburn, Terry Ehling, Michele Avissar-Whitting
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The Future of Scholarly Publishing: Three Trends to Be Ready For


2022 | Sep 15, Ann Gabriel, Patrick Shafe, Elizabeth Scarpelli, Shirley Decker-Lucke

What will the future of scholarly publishing look like? In this webinar, industry leaders will tell us what they see as the top three changes that we all need to be ready for. Will it be advances in artificial intelligence products that change how knowledge creators and curators do what they do? Will it be changes in research funding approaches that affect what research is done and how it is shared? Will it be uncertainty about revenue requiring publishers to change their business models? Or will it be something else? Join us for a peek at the future and ideas on how you can get ready.
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The Scholarly Kitchen: Global Trends in Open Access


2021 | Apr 21

Open Access promises global access to scholarly information. But around the world, the approaches to Open Access and the challenges and opportunities it brings are not the same—and, too often, Open Access discussions focus on just one geographical region or sector. This Chef’s panel brings together speakers from India, Cameroon, and Mexico, representing perspectives from across research, libraries, publishing, and open initiatives. These speakers will share their insights from their own countries and experiences. They will also answer questions on what they have learned and what is needed for Open Access worldwide to be implemented fairly and effectively. This webinar is for those wanting to deepen their knowledge of Open Access around the world. The webinar should help participants understand more about how and why different approaches dominate in different regions, what the challenges and opportunities are around the world, and how this might better inform Open Access worldwide. || Moderator: Siân Harris, INASP | Speakers: Arianna Becerril-García, Vrushali Dandawate, Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou
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The Scholarly Kitchen: Innovations in Open Research


2022 | Nov 16, Alison Mudditt, Alice Meadows, Charles Watkinson

In this timely webinar, speakers explore the latest developments in the transition to open research, touching on innovations from their respective organizations. Topics will include new developments in the scholarly infrastructure supporting open research, new business models in support of OA monographs, and how open research is shifting our focus from the scholarly article to preprints, data, and other research outputs. The speakers will also discuss what’s working, what isn’t, and the barriers to a fully open research ecosystem across disciplines.
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The Scholarly Kitchen: The Future of Copyright and Reuse in Academic Publishing


2021 | Nov 16

Join the Scholarly Kitchen Chefs to discuss a complex and evolving topic: the future of copyright and reuse in academic publishing. Explore how changing technologies, funder mandates, and authors' expectations around ownership impact content use cases beyond publication. || Moderator: Todd Carpenter | Speakers: Rick Anderson, Haseeb Irfanullah, Karin Wulf
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The Scholarly Kitchen: The Future of Research as a Global Enterprise


2022 | Apr 13, Haseeb Md. Irfanullah, Ana Heredia, Roger Schonfeld, Alice Meadows, Jennifer Kemp

In the post-Cold War era, many observers have conceptualized science as a global activity, with substantial international collaboration, more readily facilitated cross-border scholarly communication, and even UN-level efforts to steer science towards Sustainable Development Goals. But regional differences, geopolitical strains, and challenges to developing a global research infrastructure have all posed challenges to global science. In this webinar, hosted by the Scholarly Kitchen, a panel will consider whether science can ever be truly “global.”
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The Scholarly Kitchen: The Nelson Memo… Now What?


2023 | Apr 12, Barbara Rockenbach, Steven Inchcoombe, Roger Schonfeld, Colette Bean, Angela Cochran

The US OSTP’s Nelson Memo, which requires immediate public access to federally funded research papers, sent a shockwave across the scholarly communications landscape. Now that the first policy implementations of the memo are out, what impacts will it have on different stakeholders in our community? A panel of publishers and librarians will reflect on how they plan to support researchers and what these changes mean for the overall health of their organizations.
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Three Ethical Challenges in Scholarly Communication


2022 | Oct 12, Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani, Gareth Dyke, Marie McVeigh, Matt Hodgkinson

An international panel will discuss three ethical challenges in scholarly publishing today: citation leakage, text recycling, and ethical issues around data publishing. Speakers will present examples of how organizations are working to address these challenges from within the industry.