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It Takes a Scholarly Publishing Village

The pandemic united us in ways we'd never experienced. It blurred the lines between silos and helped us realize shared experiences where we may have thought "disparate" was a better descriptor of roles in the publishing community. We realized that we all want best-in-class in collaboration, problem-solving, and inclusion, even though our environment sometimes makes it difficult for us to imagine seeing eye-to-eye. || Speakers: Michele Avissar-Whiting; Dominque J. Moore; Ben Mudrak; Jennifer Regala; Alexa Colella; Willa Liburd Tavernier
Publication Date
2022 | Jun 02

44th Annual Meeting (2022)

“Building a More Connected Scholarly Community” The last 19+ months have been a fascinating contradiction, making us feel both painfully disconnected and also perhaps more bonded than ever before. How can we take the strengths we already possessed as a community, fold in lessons learned during the pandemic, and aim for being an even stronger, broader, and more connected community? Our Annual Meeting brings together academics, funders, librarians, publishers, service providers, technologists, and countless others with a communal interest and stake in the dissemination of scholarly information. We look forward to the 44th Annual Meeting as an opportunity to reconnect and to connect anew.

Alexa Colella


Product Manager - Professional Services, Research Square

Alexa Colella a Product Manager at Research Square Company. Professionally, she is interested in helping researchers improve their work and enable their success throughout the research communication timeline, particularly in how researchers reach lay audiences. Personally, she is committed to helping advance the humanities as a critical part of our broader discourse. She is interested in how scholarly communication initiatives can raise and support all disciplines in tandem.

Ben Mudrak


Senior Product Manager, ChemRxiv

Dominque J. Moore


Acquisitions Editor, University of Illinois Press

Dominique J. Moore (@DomTheEditor) acquires in American ethnic studies; Black studies; and women, gender, and sexuality studies at the University of Illinois Press. Previously, she worked as an assistant editor at the University of North Carolina Press and was the 2019 Mellon University Press Diversity Fellow at the Ohio State University Press. Her academic background includes a BA in English with a minor in gender and women’s studies at UIUC and an MA in African American studies, with a literary focus, from UCLA. Currently, Dominique serves on the AUPresses Equity, Justice, and Inclusion committee. And, along with Becca Bostock (The Ohio State UP), she put together the AUPresses Buddy System Networking Program, which had its inaugural year in 2021. Her work also includes: - Why We Should All Care about Early Career Pay Equity and Inclusion: An Interview with Becca Bostock and Dominique J. Moore - Show Me the Money: Talking about Dollars in a Way that Makes More Sense

Jennifer Regala


Director of Publications/Executive Editor, American Urological Association

Michele Avissar-Whiting


Editor in Chief, Research Square Company

Michele is the Editor in Chief at Research Square, a preprint platform that launched at the end of 2018. Michele has been with Research Square nearly ten years, serving in a number of diverse roles, from editor to operations director. She holds a PhD in Medical Science from Brown University.

Willa Liburd Tavernier


IU Bloomington Libraries