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Heather Staines

Senior Consultant, Delta Think
Heather Staines is Senior Consultant at Delta Think and Director of Community Engagement for the OA Data Analytics Tool. She currently holds the record for human with the highest number of annotations. She is a frequent speaker and participant at industry events including the COUNTER Board of Directors, the Charleston Library Conference, the STM Futurelab, Society for Scholarly Publishing, Council of Science Editors. She has a Ph.D. in Military and Diplomatic History from Yale University.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Most Common Open Access Agreements


2022 | Jun 02, Jamie Carmichael, Curtis Brundy, Sara Rouhi, Heather Staines

Open Access Agreements –for single institutions and consortia, and whether labeled "transformative" or otherwise –require publishers and institutions to negotiate and manage elaborate, multi-year contracts that impact budgets and research practices. Data collection and analytics are critical component for these discussions today. This session will outline key elements of the most common OA agreements, together with "breaking news" insights from a study examining the extent of "transformation" seen to date in the research community. The panel of publishers and librarians will discuss emerging best practices and tips learned along the way. They will share the importance of good data, open communication, and transparency in the process. Viewers will walk away with a better understanding of how to approach the most common deals, how to better prepare for these negotiations and to operationalize the end result. Viewers will be polled throughout the session and encouraged to share their own stories of success and struggle as the drive toward "open science" and "open research" continues to remake so many previously established practices. || Speakers: Jamie Carmichael; Heather Staines; Sara Rouhi; Curtis Brundy
On-Demand Meetings

Metadata the Musical!: The Tale of the Ant and the Grasshopper (A performance for the ages)


2023 | Jun 01, Ana Heredia, Marjorie M. K. Hlava, Heather Kotula, Heather Staines, John Camarano

Music and lyrics help us to teach and learn. What better way to highlight the significance of metadata than to transform songs from classics to pop to Broadway musicals into witty highlights on the value of metadata, PIDs, and standards? Borrowing a rough plot from the fable of the ant and the grasshopper, our creative cast will not only entertain you but will raise awareness of key issues that metadata can or should solve, like author name disambiguation, consistent taxonomies for language and persistent identifiers. Our determined ant researcher will restore order to the chaos of research output through her re-discovery of ancient "hoo-man" information science. This mini-musical, brought to you by a cast including researchers, vendors, publishers, and librarians, will be followed by an expert roundtable that will connect our drama back to metadata challenges that, when solved, will make the world a better place for humanity (and insects)!. A recording of this session is not available.
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New Directions in Open Access


2021 | Oct 06, Raym Crow, Susan Doerr, John Sherer, Martin Paul Eve, Ph.D., Kamran Naim, Heather Staines, Sara Rouhi

Though not a "new direction" in our industry, open access is moving in many directions and very quickly—from new APC models, new types of deals, discussion about equitable access, Plan S compliance, funding resources, cost and revenue modeling, and more. This 90-minute session will include a topical roundtable, paired speaker dialogues, and audience questions to explore all the latest developments and future trends in this critical area of scholarly communications.
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New Directions in Open Access


2022 | Sep 21, Heather Staines, Maridath Wilson, Sara Rouhi, Bill Moran, Dina Komuves, Sarah Forzetting, Moriana Molchanov Garcia

This session takes a creative and fun educational approach to OA, breaking down everything you need to know into bite-sized components for anyone in scholarly publishing who wants to keep track of the latest implications and permutations of open access models. Numerous perspectives will be characterized as courses an OA student might progress through in their ongoing curriculum: History 101: How Did We Get Here: Milestones, Geology 201: Metals and Gemstones Sociology 301: Equity in the Global Content Arena, Biology 400: Symbiotic Transformations, Business 502 (graduate-level only): Licenses and Other Legalities, Environmental Sciences 600 / Capstone Project: Sustainable OA: A Case Study
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New Directions in Publisher Collaborations and Access to Content


2022 | Sep 21, Ralph Youngen, Heather Staines, Andrea Lopez, Allison Belan

The complexities of operating in today’s scholarly communication marketplace requires finding new ways to work together to achieve more than each of us can do alone. Publishers are banding together to deliver content, achieve and maintain sustainability, and meet mission-driven objectives. This session brings together publishers finding new paths through synergy in their disciplines and alignment of their models to serve audiences in ways not possible before.